Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Please Return Your Seat to Its Full, Upright Position

It's been a productive few days. We put the main drive pulley on and lined it up with the motor; we moved the breast and aligned it with the card; and we moved the doffer and aligned it with the card. 

Dad fidgeting with the main pulley to get it just right

The motor is three phase electric and will need to be bolted to the floor

The breast in place (on the left of the card)

Here we have the doffer in place on the right of the card

A better picture of the doffer

Dad left about noon to have a nap so I thought I would finish plowing the driveway. I spent nearly five hours on the tractor on Monday but wanted to plow a wider path. Fortunately, I fed the sheep and the animals before attempting to widen the driveway.

Please return your seat to its full, upright position

Please return your seat to its full, upright positon

I'll do that later, after I've had a lot of wine and slept it off. For now, it can sit there. 

I felt the tractor sliding into the ditch, then starting to tip, I jumped off and was very lucky it only tipped on its side. I'm fine--hopefully the tractor will be okay when its upright again. 

I'm off to a hot bath and a bit of wine.


  1. Glad you are okay! Row crop tractors have always made me a bit nervous! Enjoy the bath and wine! Tomorrow will be a better day.

  2. I'm glad you are okay too. Good thing you knew when to jump!
    It looks like the carder is inching ever closer to being operational. I can't wait until I can bring you some wool to card.

  3. Wow that tractor picture is scary! Glad to hear that you weren't hurt!!!

    I found your blog through your link on Ravelry...its been very interesting reading about your journey. I look forward to "following" along and cheering you on ;)

  4. I came across your blog yesterday and I wish I could find an old carder nearer to me. I would love to process fiber! With all the wool that I have, I need a mill.
    Glad you made it off the tractor without getting hurt.

  5. I just ran accross your blog by accident yesterday and am really enjoying watching your mill come together.

    We are in the process of finally making the commitment to purchase a fiber mill that we have been looking at for about the last six months. (We have been working out the financing for the mill and the building to house the operation)

    This particular mill has a Davis & Furber double in line card and looks to be slightly newer than the one you purchased but has many similarities.

    I would really enjoy speaking with you about your mill. If you don't mind, please email me I have a ton of questions for you, and although we are a long way away from you (AZ) I could sure use your dad's mechanical ingenuity if he is in the neighborhood!!!

    Great Job!!!!