Friday, March 29, 2013

Warm March Day Means Time for Electrical Work

Finally! A day spent with the carder!

Today we worked on wiring.

The motor that runs the carder is three phase so we have a converter that we moved into position today and wired. We also wired the very large air compressor I bought last summer off craigslist and tried that out. We spent the day running a bunch of wire around the shed to various boxes and stapling it in place, connecting it into boxes and to circuit breakers. All around, it was a very productive day, despite not being able to find a single roll of electrical tape.

Meanwhile, the geese were outside enjoying the warm day and the shallow pond in front of the shed.

Tonight should be the night the lambs start arriving.

Adding the air compressor to the main board

Meanwhile the geese enjoy the "pond" outside the shed

This big guy is showing keeping one eye on me and one on his mate

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