Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Scotch Feed Box Moved!

Another day moving. Today we only moved one item but it was a monster! The scotch feed box for the picker was very awkward to maneuver onto skids and then onto the trailer. 

Today's target--the scotch feeder box for the picker. This machine can take a few hundred pounds of wool, measure it out and place it on the conveyor for the picker in such a way that the picker does not become overloaded or jammed.

Honest, I offered to crawl around on the floor but Dad wanted to do it

The box was so close to the wall that it made jacking up one side very awkward. We finally managed to get skids under both sides. 

And, once again, I'm operating the winch and the camera while Harlan and Dad place rollers under the skids.

Success! Loaded on the trailer. All we need to do is tie it down every which way and off we go.

With the successful move of this scotch box, we have one piece of the picker left to move along with another scotch box that feeds the carder, followed by the carder itself. I can't believe how quickly we've moved these things! I thought this would take much, much longer. But thanks to Dad, Harlan and Ogden, the moves have gone very smoothly.

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