Monday, August 20, 2012

Another productive day moving motors, another piece of the picker and the roving attachment. Today we were joined by Ogden and his tractor to help load. These three phase motors are extremely heavy!

Additionally, my crabapple jelly set up nicely overnight--not syrup anymore.

Ogden carrying a motor to the trailer with his tractor

I sure hope we remember where all these motors go!

Dad and Harlan guiding the picker's blower toward the trailer

The blower being set on the trailer

It may not look like it but this is a very heavy load of equipment

When we finished loading and tying down everything, Ogden, Dad and I stopped at Pine Brook Inn for a well deserved lunch (and tasty, too).

Dad and I then unloaded the trailer at home with gravity as our best friend. We are very fortunate that the trailer tips up!


  1. Oh Deb, you are so lucky to have your dad and Harlan helping with this. What a huge undertaking it is! I'm really looking forward to seeing you get it all set up at your place. I just happen to have 44 lbs of wool that needs processing. Hopefully this will be my last batch to ship out to Michigan.

    1. Very lucky to have them helping. As you know, I never would have taken on this project if my Dad hadn't been fully on board to help. Harlan and Ogden have been big bonuses!