Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spending Birthday "Mad" Money

Today I spent the "mad" money my Dad gave me for my birthday. I bought nine CVM/Romeldale sheep--five breeding age ewes, a breeding ram, two ram lambs and a ewe lamb. These will be a nice complement to my karakul flock. See my page on CVM/Romeldale sheep for more information.

Five of the sheep still had tails! It was easy enough to band the lambs' tails but the yearling ewes' tails will have to wait until they are sheared in February/March of 2013.

I imagine my mother will look like this when she reads this and learns that I increased my sheep flock by 50%:

Same face she made when we looked at the carder!

Here are the sheep I bought:

"Fuzz Ball," a three year old ram originally from the White Barn Farm. Yes, that's his registered name!

"Belinda," ewe with two ram lambs. Belinda was bred by Winterwind Farms.

A yearling ewe and one of the lambs

The ewes and lambs


  1. Birthday Mad Money? Your dad is really good to you! Hope you had a good one. I love the new sheep, tails and all.

  2. I had to chip in some of my own money, too, to buy them. Yes, he is very good to me!