Thursday, August 16, 2012

Post Auction Update

Since the auction, Dad and I have been back twice to do more measuring and figuring. We also have been picking up the smaller, readily moveable pieces--motors, belts, chains, guards, electrical boxes, etc.

The move of the large pieces is awaiting clean out of the shed where the carder will be housed. The person occupying the shed was given until August 30th to clean out the south 2/3s of the shed and Sept 15 to clean out the remainder. As soon as the south end is clean, we can start moving the large pieces of the carder and the picker. Did I forget to mention that the mill comes with a picker?


  1. So cool! Are you planning on doing custom carding? What sort of minimum amount? My garage o' fleece and I might be early customers ....

    (Cynthia from SoDS)

  2. Yes. I hope to be able to accept orders starting in Spring, 2013. Probably will need a minimum of 2-3 pounds for roving. Roving is what I plan to do the most of with occasional switching to batts if requested. Thanks for your comment!