Monday, September 3, 2012

More Prep for Moving

On Friday, August 31st, we were again working on the mill in preparation for moving the last few, but very large, pieces.

Today's goal was to put the back piece on skids

Dad, cutting a skid with a chainsaw to angle the end

Dad drilling a hole through the cast iron so that we could bolt the skid in place

Success! Despite the very tippy nature of this piece, we were able to get skids under both sides and move it out and away from the carder

Here's Harlan looking for holes in the central piece to attach skids to

After getting the back piece on skids, we once again had lunch at Pine Brook. It feels strange to go work on the mill but not haul anything home. Progress continues to be made by the tenant of the shed to get his stuff out by the September 15th deadline.

In other news, September 15th is shearing day at the farm. All of the karakuls and my 1/2 karakul lambs will be shorn. The CVM/Romeldale sheep will not be shorn until February (when all the sheep will be shorn).

I also made a deal with a local commercial breeder to buy 500 lbs of raw wool from her. That should arrive on September 15 and will keep me busy skirting and washing.

School starts tomorrow! Haven't gotten any sub jobs yet but expect to start working next week. Wow! Summer went fast!

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