Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy Day Washing and Moving

A busy day today. Dad came over midmorning with a 50 gallon drum of water for powerwashing the feed box. Despite the foaming capacity of the soap, it did not do a very thorough job of cutting through 80 years of grease, grime, lanolin and wool.  We tried picking the wool out from between bearings with wire and pliers with little success.

Later, we headed over to Harlan's to put the breast on skids and to load the "butt" onto the trailer. "Butt" is probably not the technical word for it but since one end of the carder is the breast, it makes sense to me that the other end would be the "butt."

Both jobs went amazingly well. Harlan continues to be a big help. 

At home we unloaded the butt, pushed it into the shed for the night and called it a day. At least, Dad called it a day. I'm still waiting for the people to come to fix the water!

Dad power washing the feed box

Frankie taking a break from all the hard work cats are required to do every day of their busy lives

Dad trying to pick out wool and gunk from between the bearings and bushings

Dad and Harlan cutting a freshly milled white oak 4x5 into a skid for the breast

Success! The "butt" is on the trailer

Here we are at home unloading the "butt"

The butt sitting on the concrete pad halfway into the shed for the night

It may seem from the photos that I don't do much work. But honest, I've got my hands and feet in helping out, putting in lag screws, stacking cribbing, working the winch, giving advice and taking pictures.

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