Saturday, September 29, 2012

Moving the Card to its Final Resting Spot

Wednesday morning, we moved the card from outside the shed to its final place inside the shed. After moving, we played around with various implements trying to find the perfect one to clean the wool off of the machinery. A grill brush worked great on the breast and a slicker brush worked best on the card. 

Here's the card outside the shed. Weighing in at an estimated 4-5000 lbs, this was going to be very difficult to move by hand

We tied a pulley to a post in the shed and used my Allis C to pull the card into the shed a few inches at a time

Here's the card moving back into the shed. We then had to move it forward to put it in its final spot

In position! We pulled it forward with the tractor as far as we could. Then we moved it into its final position with Dad pulling and me using a bar under the back of the skid to move it into position. By positioning the metal pipe at different angles, we were able to hit the mark on the floor.

Dad using a slicker brush to clean one of the rollers. This is going to be a month long process!

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