Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jacking up the Breast and Cleaning the Card

On Sept. 13, we spent a little bit of time working to jack up the breast, get some cribbing under it and ready to place on skids. While Dad and I were doing that, Harlan was cleaning the back of the card with a slicker brush!

Here's Dad using a hydraulic jack to lift up the breast of the card while I slide cribbing under it

Meanwhile, at the back end of the card, Harlan is cleaning the drum with a slicker brush

Good news! The shed is now cleaned out. I just need to wash the floor and we are ready to move the rest of the machinery! Hopefully this coming week we will get the rest moved. Now I just need to decide how to place the card in the shed--should I run it the long way or the short way? Or, what the heck, run it diagonally--NO!

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