Monday, September 17, 2012

Bringing the Second Feed Box Home

Today, I started out the morning hosing down the floor in the shed in preparation for bringing the remaining pieces of the carder home. About an hour after hosing down the shed I noticed that there was no water in the house, none in the sheds, none in the waterers, no water flow anywhere. Dang! Called the well drillers who worked on the pump last winter. They will be out tomorrow. In the meantime, I searched and searched but was unable to find a reset switch on the pump. Bummer!

We spent the afternoon loading, hauling and unloading the second scotch feed box. This one is used to feed the carder. I don't think I will use it but....

The plan was to use a pressure washer to wash it off when we got home. But, alas, alack, no water at home. Dad will bring a 50 gallon barrel full of water over in the a.m. to use for washing. I just wish he would show up early enough for me to make coffee. Can't go without my morning coffee. Where or where am I going to get water for coffee? The creek? The swamp? The reserve tank on the toilet? 

Harlan and dad placing rollers under the skids

The box rolling onto the trailer with Harlan supervising

Loaded! This box went on smoothly, much more quickly and easily than the first feed box

Dad and I used the electric winch on the trailer to control the box as we let gravity slide it down the trailer. The trailer tips down which made it very easy to load and unload the box. Here it is tucked into the shed awaiting its morning bath

Only three more pieces to move! The front back and center of the card. We plan to move the back piece tomorrow and maybe the front piece (the breast) if we can get skids under it. Then its just the biggest piece last.

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