Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shearing, Worming, Skirting and Fencing

Today was a busy day. We started with shearing 17 sheep and three pygora goats. The goats are not mine. Mom and I wormed the sheep, coated the Romeldales and put up some fencing so that the animals could not get into the pasture--its over grazed from this very dry summer.

Jim, the shearer also delivered 500 lbs of wool for me to play with. I skirted just enough to put in the washer. Boy, it looks like a lot of wool! Not to mention that there is probably and additional 125 pounds from shearing today.

Finished off the day with a beer, a nap in the hammock swing and a horror movie.

I wanted to take photos of shearing but I was too busy worming the sheep and stuffing fleeces in bags.

Making good use of the skirting table I made

Here's the bags of wool from shearing today; not a very exciting photo, I know

This is what 500 lbs of raw wool looks like. These bags are about 5 foot long.

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