Friday, May 31, 2013


It seems we spend more time contemplating the machine now. Looking at it; measuring; sitting; staring; contemplating. Wondering what to do next.

Next on the agenda is to put the feeder on the front and somehow attach it. That was the source of much contemplation today. Of course, never quite so easy as just plug and play. When we brought the feeder up from the barn we noticed a 12 inch crack in one side. So, off to a welder it went last week. Made of cast iron, not just any welder would do. Fortunately, there is one in Ogilvie who can handle the job.

I picked up the welded part today and happily handed over $15 for the job!

While Dad puttered about putting the feeder back together--kind of--I skirted some more of the 500 pounds of fleece I bought last winter. I need to get more and more of that washed since its looking like soon the machine will be ready for practicing.

After some skirting on my part and puttering on Dad's part the contemplation began with much measuring, remeasuring, sighing, and then a couple beers were drunk. What to do next? How to attach the feeder to the breast? In actuality, the feeder is meant to be attached to a feedbox, not the breast, but the previous owner had it rigged up to the breast and so shall we, somehow. We have ideas! It will get done!

I'm hoping the carder will be up, running and in the mood for practice runs by the end of June. That's my new goal. Hopefully, teaching summer school will not get in the way!