Saturday, April 11, 2015

No water, again!

Water stopped running last Sunday evening. I shut the valve off in the house and thanks to a huge storage tank in the basement, the house still has some water trickling from the faucets--enough to make coffee in the morning.

The sheep, however, have been scrounging for water. We had a bit of rain one evening and I collected water running off the roofs of the shed and the house for them.  Friday, the last of that water was given to the ewes with lambs in the barn leaving the sheep outside of the barn without water. Feeling very sorry for them, I opened up the pen and let them out into the pasture after dark last night. They ran directly to the swamp and drank for about 10 minutes. Thankfully, Kit and I had very little difficulty running them into the pen again and locking them up.

This morning, after 8, help came in the form of a green truck with three 50 gallon barrels of water--Dad, of course.  We watered all the sheep and they drank their fill. Even have some water left over that will hopefully last a few days.

The water arrives

It's been a year and a half battling unreliable water at the farm. We've been without water at least six times--in November, it was a month without water (luckily lots of rain kept the sheep watered). Now, its been a week with no water.

I met with a well driller today who provided an estimate for a new well. We talked about where to put the well, when he could start and how soon I would have water. He plans to start drilling this week and assures me that the water will be flowing by the end of the week--if all goes well.