Sunday, May 4, 2014

Finally, Spring Thaw

After a long, snow-filled, and bone-chillingly cold winter, spring appears to be here.  Twenty-seven lambs are on the ground and running races across the ridge in the pasture.

Yesterday, I dusted off the carder after and awoke it from its winter hibernation.  With a little oil and a bit of persuasion, the card ran beautifully.  We, the card and I, processed about 70 pounds of dyed, luxury blend rovings--wool blended with silk, soysilk, bamboo, and/or nylon.  And a dash of angelina in a few.

Here are a few videos:

Red wool blended with bamboo

Pink wool blended with soysilk, angelina and nylon

The pink blend turning into roving

Purple wool blended with bamboo

The end product after winding into 4 ounce balls