CVM/Romeldale Sheep

I spent my birthday money on nine CVM/Romeldale Sheep in August, 2012. 

According to the National CVM Conservancy:

CVM/Romeldales are a fiber artists dream come true. Wonderful fiber with next-to-the-skin softness that comes in nature’s bounty of colors. They will never bore you with their colors and patterns. The breed’s two most endearing qualities are non-fading wool that gets softer with age, and color that doesn't fade, only gets darker over time.  CVM/Romeldales are easy to handle, great mothers, and hardy to most environments….a delightful asset to any farm.
Romeldale/CVM Sheep are considered critically endangered by The American Livestock Conservancy (ALBC, North America).

Here are some photos of my CVM/Romeldales:

"Fuzzy Face," a three year old Romeldale Ram

"Belinda," a ewe from Winterwind Farm

A yearling ewe and a lamb

The ewes and lambs 2012

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